Anointed Honey, Milk Shock Church Leaders

Prophet David Banda

Lusaka prophet introduces ‘anointed’ milk and honey to ‘sweeten’ lives of congregants.

A Lusaka based prophet says he has discovered a method of sweetening the lives of his congregants.But a church mother body, the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) says the activities of the Prophet are unbiblical.

According to Prophet David Banda of Altar of Grace, God has instructed him to be using honey and milk so as to chase away any danger that might want to go near the children of God, “I use honey and milk in the church because of the revelation that has been given to me by God.

The bible says that and I will lead you to the land that flows with milk and honey and that land is Canaan.

Isaiah 7:14 says therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign, the virgin will conceive and give birth to a son and will call Him Emmanuel.

God has instructed me to pray for milk and honey and give it to the children of God,” he said.
Prophet Banda said there was really nothing new and peculiar about the anointed honey and milk concept because even most prophets in the bible relied on it.

“Many prophets in the bible used to eat honey, for example John the Baptist used to feed on honey and locusts.

Am not giving it to the children of God to bath it or do anything with it but God has instructed me to pray for it and give it to them so that as they eat that honey their lives can become more sweeter than before,” he explained.

He explained that it is unfortunate that most of the prophets are using anointing oil because they have seen others doing it.

But Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia Executive Director, Reverend Pukuta Mwanza said the issue of eating milk and honey in the church is not biblical.

In a telephone interview, Rev Mwanza said those who are doing such are not agents of God. “Such teachings and practices of using milk and honey in the church are not biblical.

People must be encouraged to read the bible for them to know the truth and not be deceived by people who claim to be pastors.

If this continues, then the church mother bodies will have no option but to come in. Where does it say in the bible that give people milk and honey for their lives to become sweet?” He wondered
[Source:The Church]

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