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Alfred Kalembo
Alfred Kalembo

            Bishop Alfred Kalembo

COUNCIL of Churches in Zambia president Bishop Alfred Kalembo Zambia is currently in a difficult moment.

Bishop Kalembo, who is also Pilgrim Wesleyan Church national superintendent, only true love for one another can help rebuild Zambia.

“Only true love for one another can help people’s thoughts on how to build the nation. We are in a difficult moment, which requires all of us to love each other if we are to build the nation and guard its future, we need to protect everyone regardless of where they come from,” Bishop Kalembo said when he received assorted hospital and education items worth K300,000 donated to the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church by the International Leadership Institute of Southern Africa (ILISA) in Choma on Tuesday.

He said there was need for Zambians to go beyond the turmoil brought about by the elections and focus on building the nation.

“The country’s great potential to prosperity must not be put in danger. So there is need for everyone to appreciate, exercise and share love to one another,” Bishop Kalembo said.

And Bishop Kalembo thanked ILISA for supporting his church’s community service through the donation.

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